Small Space Living

The American home is ever expanding. In the 1950’s the average American home was 983 square feet; by 2004 it had swollen to 2,349 square feet. Do we really need this much space?

The environmental and societal ramifications of smaller families dwelling in larger homes has yet to be fully realized. Our culture seems to have embraced excess. We live in a bubble disconnected from the reality of the finite supply of land and energy. We are what we own -- bigger homes, bigger cars and bigger Americans.

There is another way. In recent years we have seen a growing number of prefab, smaller and re-purposed dwellings. Dwellings created by recycling older buildings and the green building movement gives us hope.

Small Space Living is dedicated to bringing you books, designs and products that can make smaller living more comfortable and enriching.

We Still Love Stuff

On a lighter note we are not all about preaching. We are still capitalists and consumers. While always being devoted to reducing, recycling and the environmental impact of everyday life; we still like stuff. At Small Space Living we are devoted to bringing you the finest finds on the web and in the news -- from architecture, electronics and just general stuff intended to inform and entertain. While admittedly slanted to the proposition of living greener, we still enjoy living well.